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Thin wall steel tubes with state of the art coatings and laser tube cutting

Precision made tubes tailored for your specific needs

FennoSteel Oy is a leading Scandinavian manufacturer of speciality tubes for the variety of applications. Our portfolio covers raw materials from cold forming and drawing grades to high strength alloys. State of the art coatings includes galvanising, aluminising, Al-Zn and Zn-Al-Mg hot-dip baths. Close co-operation with leading steel mills ensure the most modern and competitive materials.

Our tubes are well known in the market for precise dimension tolerances and excellent quality in respect of raw material, corrosion resistance and welding properties.

Fenno's tube catalogue contains a wide variety of round, rectangle and oval shapes and sizes. In case you do not find your specific types in our catalogue, we will make the necessary tool modifications.

FennoSteel as well processes tubes further for your final application by forming, bending, laser cutting, welding and coating.

Delivery accuracy and speed

We stock standard sizes and agreed customer sizes to secure fast deliveries.

Flexible service

We appreciate your business and always do our best.



Quality is something we never compromise.




  • Thin wall tubes of various steel grades
  • State of the art surface treatment configurations for extreme corrosion resistance
  • Diameter range 19-89 mm
  • Wall thickness range 0,75-4 mm
  • Round, square, rectangle and oval standard sizes and customer specific special profiles
  • CE approved traffic sign tubes

State of the art materials for variety of applications

FennoSteel tubes are used in a variety of applications from exhaust systems and greenhouses all the way to ship cabin frames, traffic signs and general construction.


Aluminium-zinc galvanised and aluminised tubes

Aluminium-zinc hot dip galvanised tubes combine the best properties of steel, zinc and aluminium offering an excellent combination of strength, corrosion resistance and good welding properties. Aluminised tubes provide respectively excellent high-temperature durability. Both qualities are used in demanding applications like exhaust systems and roof safety equipment.

Magnesium-seosteiset pinnoitteet parantavat teräsputkien korroosionkestävyyttä

Zinc-aluminium-magnesium coated tubes

These tubes are hot-dip galvanised with an optimum combination of zink, aluminium and magnesium. This offers excellent corrosion resistance especially in the alkaline environment, thus making them widely used in greenhouse frames and agricultural construction.

Teräsputket soveltuvat myös liikennemerkkiputkiksi

Aluminium-zinc galvanised traffic sign tubes

The use of aluminium-zinc galvanised steel tubes in Road Traffic safety products has greatly increased thanks to their excellent corrosion resistance, forming and welding properties. Our traffic sign tubes are CE approved and they comply with the strict quality requirements of the EN12899-1 standard for example regarding designed bending and torsion stiffness.

Kylmä- ja kuumavalssatut teräsputket

Tubes made of cold or hot rolled steel

Tubes made of cold and hot rolled black steel are used in the variety of applications from equipment manufacturing to indoor furniture. Available types include forming and drawing grades to high strength alloys. Typically products are powder coated or hot-dip galvanised after assembly.

Why choose Fenno

FennoSteel is a flexible partner who works in close collaboration with customers and leading steel suppliers. In addition to our tube supplies we serve our customers with cutting, burr removal, shaping, bending, welding and coating. Please contact us and let us select the optimum product for your particular needs.


Quality, people and environment

FennoSteel is well known in the market for the uncompromised quality approach. As a result of this Fenno's product development, production and logistics are ISO 9001 certified by DNV.

Quality is made by the people. We do our best to provide a safe, motivational and encouraging place to work. ISO 45001 certificate is a result of our systematic work in this field.

We at Fenno have put a strong focus on environmental matters. FennoSteel complies with all regulations of the environmental certificate ISO 14001. All materials used in our processes are either re-used or recycled appropriately.

FennoSteel has been awarded the Key Flag label for the high domestic content of manufacture.


Contact information

Sales and Purchasing Manager
Jami Kivelä
Gsm +358 40 053 7297

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Production Director / Quality
Miiro Kuusikko
Gsm +358 40 509 3809

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Sales Assistant
Noora Koivukorpi
Gsm +358 44 776 8390

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