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Exhaust systems and emission control

Experienced manufacturer of high-quality exhaust systems

FennoSteel is a leading Scandinavian manufacturer of exhaust systems for automotive, agriculture and equipment applications. Our customers include both large european aftermarket distributors and original equipment manufacturers.

The exhaust market has faced significant challenges when the automotive industry has developed towards engines with higher power, lower fuel consumption and stricter emission and noise limits. Long experience gives us a good perspective to focus and follow our key differentiators: top quality, easy installation and comprehensive product portfolio.

Emission control catalysts and particle filters

In today´s automotive exhaust systems catalysts and particle filters are in a key role. FennoSteel collaborates with the leading manufacturers of these emission control components and combines them together with Fenno exhausts to offer a superior package.

Designed and made for extreme conditions

Fast changing temperatures, road salt, dirt and humidity demand a lot from the exhaust system. To withstand these conditions with optimum performance Fenno´s products are thoroughly designed and tested together with the use of the best available materials and production technologies. This has made Fenno well known in the market for its long lifetime.

Fenno´s manufacturing is based on Toyota´s LEAN principles, which we have further developed and named as FPS (Fenno Production System). FPS is a combination of LEAN tools and automation built into Fenno´s tradition and culture.

Certified products

Continuous product development maintains our product range up to date and guarantees flexible service. All Fenno Mufflers are developed, manufactured and tested by EU directive E70/157. Similarly all catalysts and filters comply with R103 or respective regulation. Regarding back pressure and sound levels, our products are entirely comparable to OE parts.



5100 variants

Extensive range of high quality OE, OES and aftermarket exhaust pipes, mufflers and components with easy installation.

Catalytic converters

980 models

FennoSteel collaborates with leading producers to ensure state of the art emission control technologies.

Particle filters

250 types

Our range of particle filters is built together with our partners for optimum fit between engine, emission control and exhaust system.


Quality, people and environment

FennoSteel is well known in the market for the uncompromised quality approach. As a result of this Fenno's product development, production and logistics are ISO 9001 certified by DNV.

Quality is made by the people. We do our best to provide a safe, motivational and encouraging place to work. OHSAS 18001 certificate is a result of our systematic work in this field.

We at Fenno have put a strong focus on environmental matters. FennoSteel complies with all regulations of the environmental certificate ISO 14001. All materials used in our processes are either re-used or recycled appropriately.

FennoSteel has been awarded the Key Flag label for the high domestic content of manufacture.



Research and development

Quality and technology are key differentiators for FennoSteel in the highly competitive automotive exhaust market. Therefore, we invest heavily on research and development.

Materials science and novel production technologies are in a key role when designing new products. To name some examples, this means thinner and stronger steels, environment-friendly noise attenuation mats and expansion joints instead of corrosion sensitive welds.

FennoSteel uses state of the art computer software in 3D design and flows modelling. This is mandatory for perfect fit, quality and ability to develop new models quickly on time. After accurate simulation, analysis and prototyping products are tested for noise reduction and vibration resistance, both equipment available at Fenno's R&D laboratory. FennoSteel as well has its outside test track.

Finland offers an optimum environment for designing and validating products for a long lifetime. Thanks to this and FennoSteel staff, our customers receive state of the art products.

Pakoputken asennus - exhaust change

Contact information

Managing Director
Toni Hämäläinen
Gsm +358 40 588 9348

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Business Director, Exhaust Systems
Juha Laiho
Gsm +358 50 342 8828

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Export Manager
Heidi Karlsson
Gsm +358 50 527 1448

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Product Manager
Petri Keihänen
Gsm +358 44 063 4548

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Export Assistant
Viktoria Kemppainen
Gsm +358 40 561 8980

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