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Parkano, Finland 62°N / 23°E





FennoSteel story

FennoSteel production plant and logistics centre are located in Parkano, Finland. This is an excellent location thanks to good traffic connections and long traditions in the metal industry.

Our roots date back to 1985 when the first production site was established to manufacture exhaust pipes and mufflers. Operations that started in 2000 square meters hall have now grown up to modern 12000 m2 production facility and 9000 pallets logistics centre. Long experience has given us an excellent platform and perspective to do the right things in the highly competitive exhaust system market.

Our extremely skilled staff, modern production and logistics facilities together with dedicated owner enable good operational efficiency and continuity. But we could not do it without our customers - thank you for your business.



680 000Exhausts produced yearly for automotive and equipment applications
Number of variants
1020Catalytic converters
250Lambda sensors


pallets and


560 000

parts in our logistics center to be shipped immediately to customers

2350 kmyearly production of thin wall tubes
40 typesdfferent material specifications to be produced into final tubes
20 000 tonnesyearly capacity to process steel from raw coils to final products